Go Green- Help Clean

There are 6,624 State Parks and 58 National Parks in the United States alone. This is not to mention the private sector.  Recreational activities and unique outdoor experiences like riding the trails, camping and fishing draw millions of visitors a year. Forests actually cover a third of all land on Earth, providing organic material vital to life as we know it.

All this and to know that humans are also responsible for 32 million acres of deforestation every year!  We take a ride or go camping and we throw our garbage wherever we feel we are done with it...not caring if it breaks down or if it will kill an animal who lives there or if it will merely be a new image to the landscape for the next 100 years?? We are trashing the planet. We chop down trees, we blow up mountains to get the metals inside, we use up all the water and we wipe out the animals. Humans are the worst enemy of life as we know it...So here we are running up against our first limit. We’re running out of resources!!

Makes you understand why that Indian on the horse was staring down from the cliff with a tear rolling down his face.

We love to use the beautiful land as a scenic way to get away from the hustle bustle of everyday life and are completely unaware of our "footprint" we leave behind. Soda bottles, cans, wrappers, tires (yes tires, I cannot tell you how many I see on a typical ride through the woods!) These are just everyday common items I have stumbled upon...believe me there are some strange things on our trails and in our forests!

 We have a privately owned "mining pit" locals refer to as Crystal Lake...absolutely gorgeous but at the bottom of this amazing site are trucks and cars and whatever else one may have lost and been unable to retrieve. Only to be swallowed up by Mother Nature.

 Here in Jersey, we have been part of a few "clean ups" one year I remember going out with my garbage bag and walking a few mere feet off the beaten trail in Wharton State Forest across from the Batsto Village and unearthing what seemed like an endless supply of glass products that never broke down and almost didn't age within the walls of the mud and earth. It was so surreal pulling up medicine bottles, and lanterns from another era, like a time capsule OF GARBAGE. So even though it was cool it was a glimpses into how long we have been leaving that "footprint".

As the song goes "we didn't start the fire" but we can prevent and maintain! There are MANY clubs out there who love to wheel in our woodlands, or fish within them, or camp underneath them.

We can make a DAY of "clean ups" around the nation! Uniting people and clubs around the U.S. To come together for the greater good of human-kind. Working together to extract decades upon decades of human waste. With some garbage bags, a few off road vehicles, and some helping hands.

The United Nations declared March 21 International day of Forests in late 2012, part of a global effort let it be known the importance of our woodlands around the world. Make note that water World Day is March 22nd, and Arbor Day which is the last Friday in April! Perhaps let our Journey start nestled within one of these important days?  We can be proud of what we hand down to our children and future generations beginning with TODAY. Be the change you want to see!